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Avv. Ilaria Sannini
29 October 2019
Avv. Alessandro Turco
2 December 2020

Business Crisis
and Insolvency Law

Banking Law

Civil Law

Avv. Agnese Bolognesi

Graduated in Law at the University of Ferrara, she has acquired expertise in business crisis and insolvency law and in civil law in general.

A fully-qualified lawyer since 1998, from 2020 on, she has pursued her experience in banking law working with the firm, where she is mainly involved in litigation and debt collection.

In 2019, she attended the course "The New Business Crisis and Insolvency Code" of the Mantova Center for the Study of Crisis and Insolvency Law, and in 2020, she attended the "Program of Specialization in State of Insolvency and Management of Liquidation Proceedings" of the University of Verona.

She holds the office of judicial custodian in various real estate enforcement procedures.

Agnese speaks Italian, English and French.