Practice Areas

Corporate Law and Generational Transition
We assist our clients in the incorporation of companies, in the setting up of branch offices in Italy by foreign companies, as well as in their ordinary and extraordinary business operations and any matter of negotiation or litigation, judicial or extrajudicial, also concerning relations between shareholders and between shareholders and directors.

Over time, we have acquired particular experience in dealing with corporate liability claims against corporate directors and members, in planning company structures, and in managing generational transitions.
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Business Crisis and Insolvency Law
We have been dealing with insolvency matters for more than 30 years. Our professionals have regularly held positions as bankruptcy trustees, judicial commissioners, judicial liquidators; in these capacities they have also managed companies in interim administration.

We deal with corporate crises in their various stages, including debt restructuring and access to minor procedures and negotiated settlements, both as lawyers appointed by the business owner or otherwise as bankruptcy lawyers.

Our professionals have also acquired extensive experience in managing highly complex scenarios.
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Banking Law
We have been working in this field for more than sixty years and over time we have assisted leading Italian credit groups in the course of the evolution imprinted on the banking world by the great development of the banking/financial market and the relevant national and international regulatory reforms in this field.

We provide ongoing outsourcing assistance to banks' internal offices and collaborate in the drafting of banking contracts, in the performance of technical defence in judicial (active and passive cases) and extrajudicial (arbitrations, mediations) litigation, and in the training and updating of banking personnel.
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International Law and International Business Law
We regularly deal with private international law and international trade as well as with any legal issue of cross-border nature.

Our lawyers have achieved specific expertise in drafting and reviewing international contracts, with reference to contracts of purchase and sale, commercial distribution (agency, distribution, franchising), intellectual property, financing, transportation, and the related negotiations. We regularly assist foreign clients in transactions in Italy, as well as Italian companies outside the national borders.
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Transportation and Logistics Law
We have specific experience in transportation law, dealing with logistic and to carrier liability related issues, both at the national and international levels; we provide advice and assistance in the drafting of contracts and documents in the logistics sector (including, besides transport contracts, contracts governing the various stages of the supply chain, warehousing, pick-up, etc.).

We assist the parties involved in judicial and out-of-court disputes relating to the transport of goods, even in the most innovative forms of combined and multimodal transport.

We also deal with problems and issues related to insurance of goods and connected legal actions.
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Wine and Agrifood Law
We have gained extensive expertise in advising wine businesses, and we regularly assist important companies and groups in the sector.

The consulting activities cover both wine law, with specific reference to the protection in Italy and abroad of company trademarks and designations of origin, and assistance to companies in different aspects (from contracts drafting to business models, etc.) in relation to the wine sector.

We also offer a wide range of services and consulting activities in the area of food law (e.g. in food safety, PDOs and PGIs, protection of trademarks and other industrial property rights, product labeling, contracts of the agri-food supply chain, hygiene regulations, import and export in the food world…).
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Litigation, Arbitration and ADR
We have gained considerable experience in commercial and civil litigation and arbitration, when required, working with foreign lawyers from the networks where our lawyers participate.

We assist our clients by identifying the best strategies, including through ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).
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Civil Law
The firm deals with wide-ranging aspects of civil law, spanning from rights in rem and real estate-related issues to tenancy and rental agreements. Our professional are used to dealing with mediation and ADR procedures, as well as ordinary litigation and enforcement proceedings.
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Family Law and Succession Law
We deal with family and minors law, also from an international perspective, with particular reference to issues related to separation, divorce, cohabitation agreements, civil unions and all related activities, such as: dissolution of legal communion, refunds and restitution, legal actions for damages resulting from wrongful conduct during marriage or cohabitation.

Regarding filiation issues, activities include recognition of natural children and claims for maintenance, paternity rejection, parental authority issues, parental alienation, international child abduction, and domestic and international adoption. We also deal with personal rights, particularly with reference to support administration.
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Tax and Criminal Tax Law
We offer comprehensive advice in the field of tax, providing both companies and individuals with general tax advice, but also with comprehensive support in pretrial proceedings before the Tax Authorities, and in litigation before the Tax Commissions.

We also provide legal assistance in the field of business criminal law, having gained specific expertise in the knowledge of the types of offenses that can be charged in the course of business activity, including tax offenses, corporate offenses as well as the offenses set forth in the Code of Business Crisis and Insolvency.
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Privacy, IP and IT
We deal with Privacy issues and data processing, also in light of EU Regulation No. 2016/679 (so-called GDPR), by implementing Data Protection assessments and drafting and/or updating the documentation required by the applicable regulations, including privacy policy and data processing agreements. Our professionals are also available to provide tailor-made training to companies’ officers and employees.

The Law Firm also deals with Intellectual Property Rights, from registration of trademarks in Italy and abroad, including in the US and China, to cross-border protection of IPRs, and provides advice and guidance to companies and individuals on IT law-related matters.
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